About Us

Behind The Brand

Norrie Blossom Rose Luxury care, was launched in 2018 but was found in her dreams as a little girl at the side of her Mother “Blossom Rose”.

Norrie the owner, with the vision in mind to create luxury pure ingredients- conscious skincare formulated for women of Color but products suitable for every women “age being nothing but a number”.

Women , We are the most incredible precious treasure in Gods creation. Here at Norrie Blossom Rose Skincare our Goal is to help you enjoy embrace and love the Women in you!

As God created man from the earth He also created some of the best Herbs, Potions and Remedies . Thus that is how Norrie Blossom Rose was born.
Norrie Blossom Rose skincare is Proudly Black Owned & Committed to making luxury high end quality line that is affordable to help you achieve your goals and to ultimately Live Love your Best Life Ever!

Norrie’s faith in God and Putting God first is the core of who she is.